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What if I told you that the low Energy or Voltage (E-V) of the body’s cells contributed toward an individual’s illness, disease, lack of energy and emotional imbalance?  And that if an individual could raise their energy/voltage that this would greatly enhance their body’s healing or regeneration properties.  The human body has a great capacity to heal itself, given sufficient energy or voltage to do so.

Your body’s cells are designed to optimally heal / regenerate in pH (potential hydrogen) levels of 7.35-7.45.  Your body’s energy system operates much like a battery; for example, a battery you might use in your car or flashlight.  When you turn the key to start your car or press a switch to turn your flashlight on, electrons travel along conductors to power or energize the battery.  The energy/voltage potential is stored in the battery to be used when needed.  The body’s cells comprise the battery, and the body’s pH allows energy conduction to the body’s cells.  This system provides the body with the energy to properly function, heal, and repair itself.

As a whole system, your body uses energy to balance the functions of its cells and organs.  If any of the body’s cells or organs are not provided with sufficient E-V levels, this can result in weakness, illness or disease in that part of the body. 

Let’s talk about the voltage and pH levels which the body uses for healing and regeneration.

Energy/Cell VoltageCell pHOutcome
-50 millivolts (or mV)7.88Make New Cells
-45 mV 7.79
-40 mV 7.70
-35 mV 7.61Normal for Kids
-30 mV 7.53
-25 mV 7.44Normal for Adults
-20 mV 7.35
-15 mV 7.26Tired
-10 mV 7.18Sick
-5 mV   7.09
  0 mV  7.00Change Polarity
+5 mV  6.91
+10 mV6.83
+20 mV6.65
+30 mV6.48Cancer Occurs

As you can see in the chart above, changes in your E-V levels will affect the ability of your body to heal, regenerate and maintain the proper strength to repel illness.

Let’s look at your toe.  The E-V in a healthy toe is about -25mV.  Now let’s say you stub your toe on an object; the toe will be painful, red, swollen, and hot.  After stubbing your toe, the E-V level in your toe has automatically increased from -25mV to -50 mV in order for the body to replace the damaged cells with healthy cells.  At -50mV, your blood vessels dilate and pump raw building materials such as proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, and minerals into the damaged area.  The body needs these raw materials to build new cells to replace the damaged cells.  And, as soon as your body finishes making enough new cells, the toe’s E-V gradually reverts back to -25 mV, and the toe is once again healthy and you are able to walk without any pain or discomfort.

But, let’s say that your toe’s E-V dropped to -10mV, because it was not supplied with the necessary nutrients or building blocks it needed in order to make enough new healthy cells to replace the damaged cells.  At this stage, your toe’s condition has entered a chronic state, or a state of the body’s inability to effectively heal it.  In this chronic state, your toe will hurt or ache all the time, and its color may be pale.

So, in reviewing the hypothetical situation above regarding your toe, you can see that low E-V in a part of the body directly correlates to chronic disease, illness or injury in that part of the body.  However, a low E-V also inhibits the ability of the body’s organs (cells) to get rid of waste products and toxins which start to accumulate in the body.  The lower or weaker the body’s E-V levels, the greater the accumulation of toxins in the body, which requires higher E-V levels to get rid of or remove those toxins from the body.  As the body becomes less efficient at ridding itself of these toxins, the toxins build within the body’s system and contribute toward the occurrence of illness and disease.

How to Measure the Body’s Voltage-EV:

The body’s E-V can be measured working with the body’s meridian channels and acupuncture points.  The E-V for a specific part of the body can be measured at the site of the channel corresponding to the specific organ, tissue or body system which may be diseased, painful, injured or inflamed.  And, an instrument called the “Tennant Biomodulator” developed by Dr. Jerry Tennant, not only provides direct measurement of the energy or voltage (E-V) available at a specific site or location of the body, but it can also increase the E-V to that part of the body.  The Tennant Biomodulator increases or enhances the voltage of a specific body cell, tissue, muscle or organ by infusing electrons into the specific area.  Increasing the millivolts (E-V) to the area of the body’s disease, pain, injury or inflammation increases the power of the body’s cells to do what they are meant to do, generate new healthy cells, which contribute toward the body’s overall health and well being.

I received my training directly from Dr. Jerry Tennant, and I use the Tennant Biomodulator in my practice as a tool to assist my patients to correct their body’s energy or voltage.  If you have pain, weakness, a chronic disease or injury, or if you would simply like to maintain your body’s optimal energy or voltage level for your overall health and well being, please call my clinic for your appointment.

Remember, energy or voltage is healing!

Healing is Voltage, by Dr. Jerry Tennant


(The Tennant Biomodulator & Transducer)